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Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS)

In a world that is increasingly culturally diverse and dynamically interconnected, it is important that students come to understand their world, past and present, and develop a capacity to respond to challenges, now and in the future, in innovative, informed, personal and collective ways.

The Australian Curriculum

Humanities and Social Sciences aims to ensure that students develop:

  • a sense of wonder, curiosity and respect about places, people, cultures and systems throughout the world, past and present, and an interest in and enjoyment of the study of these phenomena
  • key historical, geographical, civic and economic knowledge of people, places, values and systems, past and present, in local to global contexts
  • an understanding and appreciation of historical developments, geographic phenomena, civic values and economic factors that shape society, influence sustainability and create a sense of belonging
  • the capacity to use inquiry methods and skills, including questioning, researching using reliable sources, analysing, evaluating and communicating
  • dispositions required for effective participation in everyday life, now and in the future, including critical and creative problem-solving, informed decision making, responsible and active citizenship, enterprising financial behaviour and ethical reflection.

Source: https://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/