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As Toowoomba's oldest Catholic school, St Saviour's Primary School is  committed to making a difference in an ever-changing world. The school has a long tradition of providing quality education and care for Toowoomba's boys and girls and currently has a population of approx. 410 students from Prep to Year Six. 

St Saviour's Primary is committed to educating its students for the future. Its innovative curriculum is designed to assist students to become lifelong learners with a firm grasp of basic numeracy and literacy skills. The school strives to develop in students the skills, attitudes and values that will enable them to reach their full potential as successful and responsible citizens.

The school has one of the best technology programmes in Toowoomba, with a whole school 1-1 iPad program.  There are computers with internet access and interactive technology in every classroom. The staff are dedicated to keeping up with current educational developments.

The school pursues a "happy school" atmosphere - where each child's day is enriched with joy, friendship and personal growth. The focus is to balance physical, spiritual, social and emotional growth with academic achievement and self-discipline.


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The past week or so has been most challenging for everyone.  And it’s not over yet.  Many of us are feeling tested and stretched.  Staff are under huge and mounting pressure from other teachers, their students, government directives and their own families. 

I have only the utmost respect and appreciation for our staff who continue to provide for our children to keep them informed and calm.  Our school staff are being asked to do a BIG thing, and we really appreciate that they are doing it. 

Thank you to the many parents who have emailed their support and those of you who are able to look after your children at home.  We also understand that many of you have no other option but to continue to send your children to school so that you can keep working and providing for the wider community as well.  We must band together to support each other during this difficult time.

It is imperative that we prioritise the mental well-being of students, staff and families during this time.  We all know that our children are hypersensitive to our anxiety.  As adults we must ensure that we don’t transfer our fears around the virus to our children, making them more anxious than they need to be.  They need reassurance from us adults.  After this crisis is over, teachers will spend most of their time dealing with the fallout of children exposed to traumatic events, at the same time as many are dealing with the same traumas themselves.  Be kind to each other.

I anticipate in Term 2, that we will work with a ‘skeleton’ staff supervising students in some classrooms whilst other teachers prepare work for those students that are learning from home.

More than ever, please be kind to teachers and school staff. 

Please refer to our latest Newsletter for information about students working form home>>

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24th April
P&F Colour Fun Run

19th June
Prep to Year 6 Athletics Carnival


2.30pm Mondays (Mercy Centre)

Choir Rehearsal
Wednesdays 7.45am

14 Lawrence Street (PO Box 1145), Toowoomba  Q  4350
Principal: Madonna Sleba

Phone: 07 4637 1700  |  Email: ssps@twb.catholic.edu.au
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