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Class 101 - Introduction to Coding and Microbits!

When & Where:

Thursday Mornings 8am to 8:30am – Term 2, Weeks 6 to 10. 

The micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that is a great introduction to how software and hardware work together. It has an LED light display, buttons, sensors and many input/output features that you can program and physically interact with!

In our “SSPS STEM 101” class you will be able to gain a foundation in computational thinking though an introduction to block coding.  We will then put our block coding skills to the test to program our micro:bits by making awesome games to challenge our friends with!

Class 101 – Introduction to Coding and micro:bits will be a four week, before school class, offered from 8am on Thursday Mornings.  This class will be open to Year 4, Year 5, and Year 6 students.  If you are interested, please add your name to the list outside the 5H Classroom! For more information, please see Ms Harlen or Ms Prentice!

Ms Prentice & Ms Harlen 

Using our Library database from home

 Our library database, AccessIt is web based and can be accessed from home using the following URL; 

St Saviours Primary School Toowoomba ( 

Take a look at the information on Alison Lester and Gabrielle Wang on the AccessIT homepage, search for books to borrow and use Britannica Onlne, Clickview and Storybox Library via the Online Resources dashboard!

Our Library Displays

The CBCA Younger Reader notable books are on display and are available for borrowing


                             Alison Lester is our featured Australian author


 Year 6 Helpers

Year 6 students are rostered each week to help in the library. They assist with book shelving and lunch-time activities across the term. Their help is a valuable contribution to the library service. 


Lunch-time activities

Students enjoyed the library during lunch-time on Tuesday this week. Many students chose to draw and create, while others played games or read. 


Happy Reading!

Anne Anderson

Teacher LIbrarian


Dear Parents and Carers,

While the weather has certainly been rather gloomy and testing the patience of many, over the last week or so there have been many instances where I have been very proud of our community, with "little rays of sunshine" brightening the day.

One example was last Friday when we had our Free Dress Day to raise funds for St Carthages in Lismore, which, as mentioned earlier was severely impacted by recent floods. 

Thanks to the generosity of everyone who participated, we raised $570 from everyone's "gold coin" and then we had a couple of Yr 3 students who took it upon themselves to make and sell some things, raising $10. Then a group of Yr 6s (see photo below) got well into the spirit of things, made and sold biscuits, slices, loom bands and leather keychains and raised $115. 

So, with St Pat's Parish matching our donation, I contacted the APRE at St Carthages to say that we were sending $ 1400! You can read his letter of reply below. A sincere thanks to EVERYONE who contributed! 

Year 6 not only helping to Outreach to the Lismore community but also being wonderful Role-Models of Service and Compassion. Well done!!


Letter from APRE at St Carthages

Hi Judy, that's so generous of your community! What a wonderful gift of generosity and care. 

Please pass on our sincere thanks for their efforts and assure them that the money raised will be spent on the needs of our younger students. 

Please also pass on our thanks to Fr Michael for his generosity as well!

As I have been saying, the silver lining to all of our disheartening experiences has been the generosity and kindness of the many schools who have helped us in so many ways. We are truly humbled by how you have truly lived your school motto - to strive for goodness!  Daniel Hatchman

Weekly Parish Mass: All Welcome! 

Last week, for the first time, our Year 6 students joined parishioners for the 9am Tuesday Mass and shared their thoughts on "when they pray and what they pray for".

This last Tuesday, it was Year 5s' turn and "the parishioners commented that they thoroughly enjoyed having the Yr 5 students participate and that they were all incredible students! The students enjoyed Fr Michael's homily on sowing seeds - of kindness, love, acceptance, compassion." 

Next Tuesday (May 24) the Year 3s will be attending the parish mass and then Year 2s the following week. We would love to have parents and grandparents join us for this very special half hour!

Sacramental Program: Tomorrow night, Bishop Robert will be confirming about 25 boys and girls, who along with their families have been preparing over the last few weeks. Please continue to keep these students and their families in your prayers as they continue their faith journey, with their 1st Eucharist taking place on June 11/12. 

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend,


Why NAPLAN will help us to grow your child 

At St Saviour’s Primary, we are determined to use educational data in meaningful ways; in ways that support student learning. Your willingness to support the program of NAPLAN testing is vital to its successful completion. Working together, we are best able to support and encourage the academic growth of the young children in our care.

NAPLAN might not matter – it’s what it measures that matters. NAPLAN is a measurement instrument. It is designed to measure students’ literacy and numeracy skills under controlled conditions. Let’s use the act of measuring one’s height as an analogy. We do not attempt to measure the person as they go about their daily activities, but instead place them in an artificial situation: shoes off, back to the wall, chin up, no slouching. The same is true of measurement in education. In reality, when we give a child a reading test, we know that he/she may never again encounter those particular reading passages or those particular questions. That is not the point. The reading passages we use and the questions we ask are merely opportunities to gather relevant observations about what is really of interest – the student’s underlying reading ability, which cannot be observed directly and must be inferred.

We use NAPLAN for comparison, not competition. NAPLAN shines a spotlight on school performance every year. Media commentary is often based on over-simplified comparisons of school averages (a statistic that is strongly correlated with students’ socioeconomic backgrounds). We conduct a careful examination of  St Saviour’s Primary improvement against that of other schools so that we can better understand the value we add, reflected in the progress students make. 

NAPLAN helps us teach in ways that are responsive to our students’ needs. NAPLAN provides schools with detailed data on the performance of their students; data that can be used to investigate classroom teaching strategies and the strength of school-wide programs. Our Middle Leader (Miss Prentice) has led groups of teachers in purposeful projects that have supported focused improvement in students’ reading and writing skills also working alongside teachers in class supporting literacy and numeracy. Our Learning Support Team (Mrs Murdoch, Mrs Smith, Miss Doljanin and Mrs Grundon) support those students who are progressing well beyond their peers and those needing additional support to meet learning targets, ensuring that curricular and co-curricular opportunities are responsive to their learning needs. 

Staff Updates:

Welcome back to Mrs Anne Woodcroft-Brown (School Counsellor) after 12 months of leave.  Anne’s contact hours have increased from 2.5 days to 3 days per week and she will be available for students and staff on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  

Parent Engagement Network -Information Evening

All parents are invited to attend an information evening about establishing our Parent Engagement Network (PEN)  which will operate instead of a P & F and School Board.  Earlier this term, I mentioned in the newsletter that I had met with the P & F executive and School Board members to inform them of the change to the Parent Engagement Network model for Catholic Schools.  All members at the meeting were in agreeance of this network.  It was decided that after the recent Leadership Forum where Toowoomba Catholic Schools launched the concept of PEN to all Principals, that we are now able to share the constitution and purpose of this new network. It is important to note the following from the PEN constitution: that the creation of a Parent Engagement Network has come about in response to requests to consider an alternative model to the School Board and Parents and Friends Association, acknowledging the changing nature of families and schools and evolving ways of working together. This Network continues to honour the place of parents and families in the life of our school through providing an effective avenue for parents and families to come together to be informed, consulted and learn in relation to school planning, policy, decision making and education programs and engage in activities, projects and events that build community.  

I extend a warm invitation to all parents to attend a wine, beer and cheese night on 31st May, 5:30p.m. to hear more about the network and to have a tour of the new facilities.  See details below.  Please RSVP your attendance by Wednesday 25th May for catering purposes to  Special thanks in advance to the P & F and School Board members for their organisation and support of this upcoming evening.

The PEN AGM will take place on Monday June 13th at 5:30p.m. in the school board room. 


National Volunteer Week is a chance for all of us to celebrate and recognise the vital work of volunteers and to say thank you. Together, through volunteering, we are changing communities for the better. We are, Better Together.

We are very privileged here at St Saviour’s for all those volunteers who assist in classrooms, tuckshop, library, P & F, School Board, cultural and sporting events.  The generosity of time, knowledge and skills is greatly appreciated by us all.  Thank you.

Warm Regards


Dear Parent and Carers,

Nearly two weeks ago, several St Saviour's Primary Staff were fortunate to be given the opportunity to attend a conference by renowned educational expert James Nottingham.  James has an extremely credible resume including 11 books about teaching, learning and leadership.  He co-founded Challenging Learning in 2006 to share some of the best ways to strengthen learning in schools.  He is perhaps most renowned for his work on the Learning Pit, which I will explore in a future newsletter.

Amongst many messages that our teaching staff took away from the day, perhaps the most important is the fact that 'Learning should be challenging and it should make you think .....hard!'

No longer do we expect students to get everything right the very first time.  If they do, they probably already knew it.  If that is the case, are they actually learning something new?  Serious learning happens when learners have to 'struggle' with a new concept or skill.

To help put this into action, there are many challenges for us as educators and for parents as well.   One simple way is to not only focus on achievement, but to also focus on improvement.  Concentrating on improvment, charting the progress that each learner makes, can be much more motivating and can lead to accelerated learning. In sports and athletics, for example, everyone wants to win, but the way to get there is to focus on the continual improvement of your personal best.  

If your child is 'struggling' with anything at home (learning or otherwise), do we as parents, tell them what to do or give them the answer?  Or do we let them have a go (and potentially struggle), encourage and celebrate improvement, ask challenging questions and let them find the answers?

As previously mentioned, the St Saviour's Primary Learning Dispositions are certainly there to help you and your children along the way.  Always remembering that one of our aims at St Saviour's is for our learners to 'Strive in Learning', but to also help create good people along the way.


Some photos from our Mother's Day gatherings in Year 6 and Prep from last Friday.


Term 2 School Fees are due Friday 20 May.  

Skool Dayz Uniform Shop:

Opening Hours -

Monday 2.30pm - 4.00pm

Friday 2.30pm - 4.00pm

All other times must be by appointment only. 

Please contact Dan Eagleson 0481 318 398 to arrange a suitable time.

Prep 2023:

Reminder if you have a daughter or son that is eligible to start Prep next year, and you  have not filled in your application please do so. We have limited spaces left for Prep.  

Please click on the following link to submit an application.

Late Arrivals:

Just a reminder that all late arrivals after 8.30am must be signed in at the office.  Children will receive a late pass from the office staff before they are to go up to the classroom.  

Parking in Lawrence Street:

It has come to our attention, that some parents are not parking safely or correctly in Lawrence Street of a morning and afternoon.  If you are parking in the angled parks, please be mindful of other drivers beside you.  Lawrence Street can be quite busy particularly at 3.00 pm and visibility can be limited particularly when reversing.  Be respectul of other families who are trying to find parks at the same time.  We have had incidents occuring where families are being blocked in from reversing. 

Some points to remember:

  • There is strictly no parking in the driveway of the Boarding School or the driveway exits or entry points to the Boarding School
  • No parking at the back of the Mercy Centre - this is strictly for Adminstration, deliveries and disabled parking.
  • No parking in the bus stops at any time throughout the day.
  • No parking on the footpaths of residents in Perth Street.

Several of our students recently competed at the Toowoomba Eistedfodd. 

Congratulations to Sia and Abby who were awarded 2nd place in the Year 5 and 6 Duologue section and to Alessandra in Year 4 who won 1st place for her solo Vocal. 

Claire Wilson also received two Highly Commended places for Year 5-7 Muscial Vocal Solo Contemporary and Year 6 Musical Theatre Solo.  We have such amazing talent here at St Saviour's Primary School - well done to everyone who participated in this year's Toowoomba Eistedfodd.

Congratulations to our Weekly Award Winners for Week 4 & 5


St Saviour’s Primary School Athletics Carnival 2022

As you might be aware the 2022 Athletics Carnival will take place on Thursday the 16th and Friday 17th of June 2022. To streamline the carnival, I have made a few changes this year that I feel will make a positive impact for students. Please see information below.

Field Event Qualifying

All students in Year Three to Year Six will participate in Shotput, Discus, Long Jump and High Jump. Students will throw and jump to determine the top eight in each age group (boys and girls) who will compete at the school athletics carnival on the 17th of June. Qualifying will happen in PE lessons this year as I feel it will be a much more relaxed and fun experience for the students. Qualifying has been designed so all students get a chance to participate in each event in a fun environment regardless of ability. The top eight in each event (age group, boy and girl) then compete at the school carnival in a fun but more competitive level. It is important to note that whilst all students are not doing all events at the Athletics Carnival, all students have participated in an event during PE sessions which are a part of the Athletics Carnival and have gained points for their house in these sessions.

Thursday 16th of June 2022 (O’Quinn Street)


16th of June 2022


9am – 12pm (Transport Provided).


Glynis Nunn-Cearns Oval, 16 - 44 O’Quinn Street, Toowoomba.


200m heats and 800m finals

WHO FOR:             

Students in Year Three to Year Six


The children will catch a bus from St Saviour’s Primary to Glynis Nunn-Cearns Oval at 8.40am and return to school after the carnival.


The children will need to bring their own morning tea, lunch, and water.


The children are welcome to dress up and can wear clothing of their house colour. Hair spray and zinc is also allowed. If your child/ren does not wish to wear their house colours, can they please attend in their sports uniform. Please ensure your child wears shoes suitable for running.


All students will run in 200m and 800m races.

Friday 17th of June 2022 (O’Quinn Street)


17th June 2022           


8am – 12pm – Prep to Year Two (Students will need to be dropped off but transport provided back to school). A message will come out later in the term to confirm if your child will require the bus back to school so buses can be organised.

8am – 3pm – Year Three to Year Six (Students will need to be dropped off and picked up).


Glynis Nunn-Cearns Oval, 16 - 44 O’Quinn Street, Toowoomba.


Shotput, Discus, High Jump, Long Jump, 60m, 80m and 100m Sprints, 200m Finals, Relays, Prep – Year 2 Rotations

WHO FOR:              

Prep – Year Six Students


Prep to Year Two (Students will need to be dropped off but transport provided back to school).  

Year Three to Year Six (Students will need to be dropped off and picked up).


The children will need to bring their own morning tea, lunch, and water. There will also be a canteen operating on Friday the 17th of June 2022.


We encourage as many parents as possible to come and support your child/ren at the St Saviour’s Primary Athletics Carnival. All spectators will need to adhere to social distancing at the event and are encouraged to maintain good hand hygiene.


This carnival and transport is all inclusive in your child/ren school fees.


The children are welcome to dress up and can wear clothing of their house colour. Hair spray and zinc is also allowed. If your child/ren does not wish to wear their house colours, can they please attend in their sports uniform. Please ensure your child wears shoes suitable for running.


All students will run in either a 60m, 80m or 100m race and year level relay. Students in Prep to Year Two will participate in modified athletics activities to gain points for their house. Students in Year Three to Year Six will also compete in 200m and 800m races. The qualifying eight from PE sessions will compete in shotput, discus, high jump and long jump.


Please fill out the permission for you child/ren via Sentral by Monday 13th of June 2022.

Discus Permission for Athletics Training and Event

During Term Two and Term Three I will be conducting Discus training in the lead up to St Saviour's Primary Athletics Carnival. As Discus is considered a HIGH risk activity, parent permission is needed for your child/ren to participate in training and the event at the School Athletics Carnival (if applicable). All training will be conducted by Mr Luck who is a qualified HPE teacher and an accredited athletics coach. Can you please fill out permission form on Sentral for your child to be able to receive training at school and complete in Discus at the St Saviour's Athletics Carnival? Please note that if no permission is received, then your child will not be able to participate.

School Sport

Chelsea Baker competed at Scott’s PGC interschool for equestrian over the weekend. Chelsea and her horse Sodi did a fantastic job taking out, Champion in the primary jumping. If Chelsea gets a clear round at regionals next week, she will be attending states. We are super proud of your efforts Chelsea and look forward to hearing about your success (Picture below).


Zone and Darling Downs Trials

All Zone and Darling Downs trials will be placed on Parent Portal. Please check Parent Portal regularly or set up notifications on your phone if you wish for your child to be eligible to trial for Zone and Darling Downs sporting teams as you will be required to obtain paperwork from myself. I am unable to nominate students after the closing date so please make sure you do keep an eye on Parent Portal. Any questions, please contact me at

Upcoming Events (Term Two)

  • Athletics Carnival (Year Three – Year Six) Thursday, 16th June 2022
  • Athletics Carnival (Prep – Year 6) Friday, 17th June 2022


Brendan Luck

HPE Teacher

Dear Parents and Guardians, 


'Drones, Machine Vision & AI' 8 Week STEM Program

Our 'Drones, Machine Vision & Artificial Intelligence' Program will inspire your child to learn how drones are used in the real-world hands-on through ag-tech innovations and applications! This will be an immersive 8 week afternoon program that will engage students through a number of drone pilot and programming challenges, as well as the opportunity to deep dive into machine vision and artificial intelligence to develop algorithms to solve real-world problems! Designed by engineers to inspire students towards exploring and innovating with cutting-edge technologies, this program is one not to miss for any tech-interested student!

Key Details:
- When: Mondays, Term 3 @ 3:10 - 4:10PM      
- Dates: 25 Jul - 12 Sep (8 sessions)
- Where: St Saviours Primary                             
- Room: TBC   
- Age: Grade 3 - 6 students                            
- Restrictions: Limited spaces available (be quick or miss out!)

- Cost: $20 per session (Total: $160 - currently discounted from $224!)            
- Registration Portal:


NAPLAN in Year 3 and 5

It has been affirming to see how the students in Year 3 and 5 have applied themselves in their NAPLAN tests over the past few weeks. When speaking with the classroom teachers, they commented on how their students showed great focus, managed their time well and when faced with a challenging question, persisted and used a number of strategies to help with their thinking.

Prior to the tests, I was working in all of the Year 3 and 5 classrooms. We discussed various strategies and collectively came up with some ideas on how to best approach a tricky question. Over several weeks, we focussed on spelling, grammar, punctuation and writing. We also worked together on the vocabulary of the test, so they were familiar with the language they’d find within the questions. Finally, we analysed writing samples that had been produced by children in past years, using the marking criteria so the students could gain clarity around how to be better writers.

I think what stood out to me most while I was working with the students was that even though we were learning skills that better prepared them for NAPLAN, we were actually learning important skills that will support them in learning well beyond a test at a certain point of time.

I’d like to thank the Year 3 and 5 teachers for warmly welcoming me into their classrooms. It has been an absolute delight working with my colleagues and watching the students grow in confidence in their ability to develop skills and strategies independently to be the best learners they can be. My hope is that what we’ve learnt together supports our students well beyond the NAPLAN tests


Enjoy your week!

Warm Regards

Nicki Prentice

Congratulations to the following children who were presented with Encouragement Awards and Cornerstone Value Awards on Assembly last week.  These children were absent from school last term when these were presented. 

Champion Box:
At SSPS we have a Champion Box.  Children who display champion behaviour or work are rewarded with a champion ticket.  Champion tickets are drawn each week at Assembly and the lucky winners receive an ice-block from the Tuckshop.
Pictured below is Luke from Year 1 receiving his Champion Ticket last week. 
Week 3 Award Winners:
Congratulations to our Weekly Award winners from Week 3.
This year our Under 8s' morning will only be offered to students in Prep and Year 1 due to high numbers in these cohorts.
Under 8s' Day is an event that offers a morning of outdoor and indoor activities that encourage playfulness, spontaneity, exploration, imagination and fun.
When - Friday May 20th 8:45 - 10:45
Where - Prep area
Who - Prep and Year 1.
Parents are also welcome to participate in the morning.
Prep & Year 1 Teachers
News from Learning Support
Each year, schools across Australia participate in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD). This process ensures that all students with disabilities/additional needs are able to access the curriculum on the same basis as their peers. Please see the fact sheet attached for more information about this process, or contact Annette Murdoch (LST) or your child's teacher.
Annette Murdoch
Learning Support Teacher 

We are back to regular browse and borrow sessions for all classes! Please remind your children to bring their loans in their bags each week. Students are welcome to borrow from 3 pm-3.15 pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday if they miss their regular class day. I trust you can share in the joy of reading your student's library choices with them because modelling a love of reading is a powerful example to set. 

Lunchtime activities in the library (1 pm-1.25 pm) will commence next Tuesday, everyone is welcome!

Our Readers' Cup team of four Year 6 students has the task of reading five set books to take part in the regional competition to be held on Tuesday 14th June. Thank you for your comittment Abby, Amelia, Lucy and Piper and keep reading!

The following is the current focus for weekly library lessons;

Year 3 - Asking questions and locating information from different sources to explain the celebration and significance of Chinese New Year

Year 4 - Asking questions and locating information from different sources to gain knowledge of the first voyage of Captain James Cook, its purpose and outcomes.

Year 5 - Gathering geographical information from maps to understand the landforms and vegetation of Australia

Year 6 - Gathering information to understand fake news, how we can detect it and what behaviours reduce its harmful effects

Happy reading everyone!

Anne Anderson

Teacher Librarian

Thanks for completing your Term 2 Book Club order online by this Friday 6th May.

Your orders earn rewards which are used for wonderful new library books!

Michelle Standing

Book Club Organiser


Dear Parents and Carers,

I take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy day for Sunday, with some time spent in appreciating what our Mothers are doing or have done for us. I hope too, that your child/ren show you by their thoughful actions and kind words, just how much their parents and carers mean to them.


Weekly Parish Mass: From next Tuesday, classes from SSPS will be joining with Fr Michael and parishioners  for a weekly 9am parish Mass. Year 6s will be going next Tuesday, May 10 with Year 5s going the following week. After that, the order (at this stage) is, Year 3, Year 2, Year 1, Prep, with Year 4 attending in Week 10. This of course is after our Sacramental Group has made their 1st Communion.

Parents and families are very welcome to attend as well and we hope that you can join us sometimes as this will be a regular event now for the rest of the year. 

Sacramental Program: Resources and an email have been sent home to families with information about the program this term.

Please note that the first Cluster Group is being held today (Thursday 3:30pm in the Cathedral Centre).

Pastoral Care Team: For several years now, SSPS  has had an active Pastoral Care Team, comprised of a diverse group of parents and coordinated by me.  The aim of this group is to maintain our strong, welcoming community through activities such as hosting and greeting new families and providing assistance to those having a tough time. 

Due to restricitions imposed by COVID and also the lack of space/ staff room, fridge etc the Pastoral Care Team has not been as active as before. However, I am pleased to get the word out that I will be sending out a group email in the coming days " to rally the troops" again, so that we can restock our fridge with meals and determine an opportunity to welcome everyone back, particularly new families.

If you would like to be a part of this group, or at least find out more about what that means, please email me at and I will be in touch.

Fundraiser for school in Lismore devastated by recent floods: St Carthages in Lismore was severely inundated by recent floodwater, with a teacher I know and her early years class, losing everything. See photos below...


Classrooms are unuseable and even the oval is not deemed safe for the students to play on. 

As a gesture of solidarity, we are going to have a "Free Dress Day for Lismore" next Friday 13th, asking all students to bring a gold coin which will be collected and sent to St Carthages. 

And finally, today we celebrated Administrative Officers' Day with our three amazing "front of house" ladies, Julie, Jodie and Alex. SSPS is sooo fortunate to have these ladies who "do what they do" and always with a smile on their face. A huge "Thank You" as the rest of us could not do what we do, without you! 

Administrative Officers' Day is actually tomorrow (Friday) so please feel free to show your appreciation too, if you get the opportunity. 


Enjoy your weekend,


Dear Parents and Carers,

As Ms Sleba has mentioned above, one of the major events taking place this term is NAPLAN.  As you may be aware NAPLAN takes place in primary schools for students in Years 3 and 5.  NAPLAN is a point-in-time assessment that allows parents and carers to see how your child is progressing in literacy and numeracy against the national standard and compared with peers throughout Australia. At the classroom level, NAPLAN provides additional information to support teachers’ professional judgement about student progress and also helps to inform furture learning.

In 2022, NAPLAN will take place in Weeks 4&5 of Term 2.  Please see the exact dates below:

10 May Writing Tests
11 May Year 5 Reading and Conventions of Language Tests
12 May Year 3 Reading and Conventions of Language Tests
16 May Years 3 & 5 Numeracy Tests

Catch-up tests will take place in the following week for those students who are away on these dates.

All tests will take place online, apart from Year 3 writing which will be paper based.  Year 3 students will use iPads supplied by the school and Year 5 students will use their personal Surface Go device.  It is important that all students have their own headphones (as per the booklist) available to them on these days.

If you have any further questions regarding NAPLAN or you are considering withdrawing your child, feel free to contact your child's teacher or myself for advice.


Today was the final day for our current school counsellor, Mrs Christina Peak.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Christina for the knowledge and wisdom she has provided in her time at St Saviour's Primary.  She has made a valuable contribution to our community and I wish her luck in her future endeavours.

We will be welcoming back Miss Anne Woodcroft-Brown on the 18th May.  Miss Anne has been on maternity leave since the arrival of her first child last year.

Thank-you again Christina and welcome back Anne.



For the parents and families who are new to St Saviour's Primary, I thought an introduction to the St Saviour's Ignite Learning Project and Learning Dispositions would be a welcome addition. 

The Ignite Learning Project is in its second official year at St Saviour's Primary.  This project is based on quality research into education and school improvement to help develop a culture of learning, a common language of learning and a community of learners.  Within this, we aim to develop expert learners.  Amongst other things, these expert learners know how to learn and have developed the dispositions or capabilitties to become a lifelong learner.

At St Saviour's Primary the dispositions that we have developed are below.  They are based on feedback from parents, students and staff around what our learners need to become experts.

Feel free to discuss these with your child/learner at home and ask what they are learning about at school and how they are using these dispositions in their learning.


Sam Hannant


Dear Parents and Guardians,

We had the pleasure of welcoming Integrated STEM to our school last Thursday. The day was a great success, where the students' curiosity was very much sparked! It was a full day out from traditional learning for all Year 5 and 6 students. They had the opportunity to learn from professionals in the STEM industry and took many things away from the day. Below are a few responses from our Year 6 students:


I loved the circuit session because it was really interesting. We learnt how to use breadboards and male male chords to light up an LED. I also liked the motion sensor session. We used a motion sensor to create a buzzer. I learnt that if you connect the right amount of chords and stay determined it will always turn out.


At the end of the day, we designed our own weapons using Tinkercad, working in groups of 3. We used the design thinking process, which helped us to create a weapon that could attack other battle bots.


At the end of the day, Fraser talked about how he has made a robot that cuts the right amount of fat from meat so that he could reduce the cost of processing meat. He was having some technical difficulties cutting off the right amount of fat and needs to redesign his robot to be more precise. Fraser has also designed some equipment for John Deer. He put cameras on the sprinklers so they can detect where the weeds are and only spray them, not the crops.



The same company that ran the day is running some after school workshops in Term 3. Spots are limited and filling fast! See more details on the poster below or email me at

Hopefully there will be some budding engineers, architects, computer programmers and website designers out there keen to give these workshops a go!

Warm Regards

Nicki Prentice


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