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Physical Education – Term Four (Prep to Year Two) 

In Term Four, Prep to Year Two students participated in a Striking/Soccer and AFL unit. This unit incorporated skills such as an in-step kick, punt kick and hand pass. Students then played modified games of Soccer and AFL focusing on game play and working as a team. Students in Prep to Year Two also engaged in station activities where six stations are set up and they rotate between them throughout the lesson. These activities included passing, catching, kicking, dribbling with feet, hands and hockey sticks, shooting hoops, scooter boards, skipping, goal shooting, ups and downs with tennis racquets, hopping, jumping, side stepping, animal crawling and balancing. It has been fantastic to watch the students develop over the term. 

Physical Education – Term Four (Year Three and Year Four) 

Students in Year Three and Year Four have been engaged in a Sport, Sport, Sport unit. The students learn four different sports on a two-week rotation. In the first week, students learn the skills and rules required to play the game and then play the sport the following week. The four sports students learnt this term were Soccer, Gaelic Football. European Handball and Buroinjin which is a tradition Aboriginal game. Students not only learnt many gross motor skills but also learnt game play and to work collaboratively while engaging in games from other cultures.  

PE – Term Four (Year Five and Year Six) 

Modified Games was the unit for Year Five and Year Six this term with students having to plan and then teach their modified game to the rest of the class. Students spent one session planning their game in groups of four and then each week, two groups presented their games. After around ten minutes of playing time, the group would be given feedback from the rest of the class and make any changes necessary to improve their game. Students would then have another go of their game with the new and improved changes. I have been extremely impressed with the quality of the games the students have created. 

Health (Year 3) 

Students have been exploring the concept of sustainable practice and the ways that they can contribute to the sustainability of the environment in their home, classroom, and school. They also investigated the concepts of physical activity and sedentary behaviours while exploring the recommendations of physical activity for five- to 12-Year-Olds. Students also examined the benefits of physical activity, investigating ways to increase physical activity in their lives. 

Health (Year 4) 

Students identified health messages and the methods used to influence decisions looking at how health messages change over time. They then applied decision-making skills to different health scenarios examining and interpreting health information about cybersafety, cyberbullying and online protocols. With this knowledge they described and applied strategies that can be used in online situations that make them feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Finally, they explored the importance of demonstrating respect and empathy in online relationships reflecting on young people's use of digital technologies. 

Health (Year 5) 

Students gained an understanding of multiculturalism by examining the changing nature of Australia's cultural identity. They examined how sharing traditional foods and physical activities from different cultures can support community wellbeing and cultural understanding. Students also explored developmental changes and transitions that occur as they grow older, investigating strategies available to assist them with the transition. 

Health (Year 6) 

Students explored drink products that contribute to health and wellbeing, focusing on investigating a variety of drink options, including soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit juice, and the effects they have on the body. They then examined available alternatives to various drink options. Students also looked at the feelings, challenges and issues associated with making the transition to secondary school, devising strategies to assist them in making a smooth transition. 


Swimming Star 

Mia Casagrande attended the DDRSA Toowoomba Open where she came 1st in the 400IM 11-12 Years Girls age group and 2nd in the 100fly 11 Years Girls age group. Mia has now qualified for the DDRSA Development team and will travel out to Roma in 2 weeks time to compete (Photo Attached). 


Zone and Darling Downs Trials 

All Zone and Darling Downs trials will be placed on Parent Portal. Please check Parent Portal regularly or set up notifications on your phone if you wish for your child to be eligible to trial for Zone and Darling Downs sporting teams as you will be required to obtain paperwork from myself. I am unable to nominate students after the closing date so please make sure you do keep an eye on Parent Portal. Any questions, please contact me at  


Brendan Luck 

HPE Teacher 

Hello SSPS Community!

Last week, I had the opportunity to participate in a professional learning day at the Principals' Leadership Forum. The theme for the day was “Human flourishing – God’s way to the good life”. We were visited by Br David Hall a Marist Brother.  Together, we reflected on the challenges of education in the 21st Century, but also on the opportunities.  For example, Br Hall believes that education is formation of our students and staff and that we are co-creators of the students in our care.  David spoke to us about the idea of humility in our leadership and work with others. We are “spiritual beings having a human experience” created in God’s image, therefore, our purpose is to live a life where we have our heads and hearts open enough to have our minds listen to others. We are called to be hope for others.

Living a flourishing life is about being a community together, being stronger and better together. We come together next Wednesday (Week 9, 23rd November) at 9am, as a school community to gather for our end of year whole school Mass to celebrate another year of successes and challenges, “Stronger. Better. Together”. We acknowledge those who have contributed to our school community, both students and staff, and we look forward to blessing and welcoming our new school leaders for the new school year in 2023.

2023 Sacramental Program – enrol now! St Patrick’s Parish Sacramental Program will start at the beginning of 2023. We plan to prepare for, and celebrate, the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and Communion in the first two terms of the school year in 2023.  Our program begins with Parent Information Sessions outlining the structure and background of the sacraments. The Parish will require a copy of your child’s Baptismal Certificate. If you would like to enrol your child/ren in the 2023 Parish Sacramental Program, please return Enrolment Form which was sent home with the Year 3 students, along with a copy of your child/ren’s Baptismal Certificate to the Parish Office by Friday 23 December 2022 or to the School Office by Thursday 1 December 2022.  If you didn’t receive this form, you can collect one from the school office. If you’d like to know more information, please don’t hesitate to contact either the Parish office for information or email myself on

Thanks for reading!

Mrs Ann Maree Ward

Dear Parents and Carers,

It is my pleasure to inform the community of the classroom teacher allocations for 2023.  As previously mentioned, we do farwell Jo Cosgrove officially from the St Saviour's Primary Staff, whilst Maryanne Lee and Melinda Harkins are taking leave next year.  We will welcome Linda Ogg, Sarah Logan, Lisa Cavanagh and Eliza Smith to the teaching staff.


Mrs Luci Hogan (Prep A), Mrs Rebecca Thomas (Prep T), Mrs Katie Horne (Prep H)

Year 1:

Mrs Paula Wagner (1W), Miss Mikaela Kliendienst (1K), Miss Sarah Logan (1L)

Year 2:

Mrs Sara McHugh (2M), Mrs Karen Fuller (2F), Miss Linda Ogg (2O)

Year 3:

Miss Lisa Kynoch (3K), Mrs Lisa Cavanagh (3C), Mrs Judy Smith (team teaching with Mrs Melinda Harkins in Term 1) (3S)

Year 4:

Mrs Nicole Cooper (4C), Mrs Fiona Case/Mrs Siobhan Grundon (4GC)

Year 5:

Mrs Monica Conway (5C), Mrs Rachel Harlen (5H)

Year 6:

Mrs Natalie O'Brien (6O), Mr Henry Logan (6L), Miss Eliza Smith (6S)

The teaching team will be assisted by our fantastic school officers: Mrs Kate Franzmann, Mrs Anna King, Mrs Elise Bishop, Mrs Samantha McKenzie, Mrs Tarsha Scotts, Ms Deb Volp, Mrs Shelley Murphy, Mrs Narelle Jackson, Mrs Bee King, Mrs Mary Milton, Mrs Katrina Bennett, Mrs Jodie McLachlan, Mrs Julie Robinson and Mrs Alex Sleba.

The specialist teaching team includes Mrs Annette Murdoch (Learning Support Teacher), Ms Margaret Doljanin (Learning Support), Mrs Anne Anderson (Teacher Librarian), Mr Brendan Luck (HPE), Mrs Anita McVeigh (Drama), Mrs Madeline Whip (Music).

As previously mentioned Mrs Tash Biggar will no longer be the tuckshop convenor in 2023.  After a recruitment process, Mrs Renee Kilpatrick has been appointed the St Saviour's Primary Tuckshop Convenor.  Renee is a well known member of the school community and is a qualified chef who brings  vast experience to the role. We look forward to welcoming Renee in 2023.

Mrs Anne Woodcroft Brown will continue in her role as School Counsellor, working 3 days a week next year.  Mr Warren Farquharson will continue as the School Groundsman next year and Mrs Roya Esmaeilani will continue as our IT Technician.

Finally the leadership team who will serve the St Saviour's Community in 2023 will consist of Mrs Madonna Sleba (Principal - returning Week 8 Term 1), Mr Sam Hannant (Acting Principal/APA), Mrs Judy Smith (Acting APA Term 1), Mrs Ann-Maree Ward (APRE) & Miss Nicarla Prentice (Middle Leader).  

2023 Class Lists - The 2023 class lists have now been finalised and families will be informed of class placements on Tuesday 29 November.  Requests for specific teacher/friendship placements have now also closed.  The students will then have the opportunity to meet their new teacher during the transition morning on Wednesday 30 November.

There are numerous events taking place over the final two weeks of school this year.  Please keep an eye on the Sentral Calendar, Facebook and class communication notes so that you are up-to-date will all of these events.

Some of the major events include:

Final Whole School Mass (2023 Student Leadership Presentations and Staff Farewells) - Wednesday 23 November at 9am in the Cathedral Centre

Christmas Concert (All year levels) - Thursday 24 November from 5pm in the Mercy Centre. Followed by a BBQ and Drinks until 7.30pm

Report Cards sent home via Sentral on Tuesday 29 November

Transition Morning on Wednesday 30 November 

Final Whole School Assembly (Academic Awards, Cornerstone Value Awards, Special Awards - Thursday 1 December at 8.45am in the Mercy Centre

Year 6 Graduation - Friday 2 December at 9am in the Mercy Centre

I look forward to seeing as many families as possible at the various events over the next two weeks.

Sam Hannant

Acting Principal

Dear Parents and Carers,

It is that time of the year again where we are doing our best to end the school year well, but also set things up for a positive start to 2023. Part of this has been:

-Last night we held our Parent Information Session, for parents of our 2023 Preps, where our Prep Teachers (Katie, Bec & Luci) shared with incoming Prep parents some information about the practicalities of getting children best prepared for a smooth start to Prep at SSPS.

This follows two earlier Orientation Sessions, where incoming Prep students spent time in the Prep classrooms with the Prep teachers.

In the final week of school, Wednesday Nov 30, we will hold our Whole School Transition Morning, where we have:

- new Preps for 2023 attending

- new older (Yrs 1-6) students for 2023 attending

- all current, onging students

...  spending time in their 2023 classroom, with their 2023 classmates and for the majority, they will meet their 2023 teacher. 

- Tuesday night we hosted a Headspace Workshop for parents of students in Year 6, who are transitioning to secondary school and perhaps experiencing some anxiety. Parents were told that this is perfectly normal, that we need to all have conversations with our children about both their physical and mental health. While my own children (3 boys) are all past puberty (which lasts from about 11 until 21) the talk last night did remind me of conversations had as they tried to find their place at high school. My own generation has not grown up with open conversations about mental health (and many other topics) but as I reflect on my time as a parent of teenagers I do see this as another positive societal change, where discussions about mental health are encouraged. The Headspace presenter, Ricki, reminded those present, several times, that just as we would take notice of, and speak to our children about any physical issue (sore leg, sunburn) etc we need to be just as forthright and open about checking in on their mental health. "You seem a little sad/ down/worried"... what's going on?"

Our Year 6 students all received a booklet which they filled in individually to then share at home, with you, their care givers. If you have not already done so, Year 6 parents are encouraged to ask your child about this and look at it together. It could/ should generate an interesting conversation with your "soon to be teenager".

Below are support services which you and your Year 6 student are welcome to access at any time. 


Prep to Year One Transition

Our current Prep Parents have been invited to meet with the Year One teachers, visit the Year One classrooms and hear about some of the changes ahead as the Preppies move to the "big school". For instance, Preps only wear the sports uniform, whereas in Year One and beyond, they will be expected to wear  the formal uniform on 3 days of the week.

So on Tuesday next week (Nov 22) at 2:30pm current Prep parents are invited to gather at the playground on the primary oval, where Year One teachers will meet you and then take you on a quick tour of the lovely new Year One classrooms.

The following Tuesday (Nov 29) at 8:10am, there will be a quick walk through the Year One classrooms for those unable to attend the afternoon visit. 

Year One students are also working on a Digital Tech project, where they take a photo of a Year One particular space, eg bag racks, drink taps, playground etc which they will share with the Prep students, explaining the significance. Hopefully this helps with the move as well. Thanks Year Ones.

Transition Meetings (Teacher to Teacher)

Now that 2023 class lists have been finalised, teachers will be meeting in the coming weeks to share information (do a hand over) about the students they have had this year and what has worked well as far as learning and behaviour have gone. 

Teaching and Learning Meetings

This week, all teachers have met with our Middle Leader (Nicki Prentice) to look at and discuss our whole school data that has been generated from standardised testing (English and Maths) which took place earlier this term.

This has led to much reflection as to what has led to positive growth, what has inhibited this growth and where to from here. This data will also be shared with the students' 2023 teachers.

Report Cards

Bringing the 2022 school year to a close, means that the teachers have been assessing students' learning and now gather this data to present to parents via the Semester Two Report Card. 

As well as overall grades (A-E) for all eight learning areas (Religion, Maths, English, Hass, Science, HPE, The Arts, Technology), students will be given a rating on their effort, which perhaps is more telliing than the overall grade. If your child is receiving a C overall grade but an A for effort, then you should be very happy with that as the student is obviously doing their very best.

As well as General Comments, and English and Maths Comments, for the first time at SSPS, all students will get a comment for Religious Education, commenting on the acquistion of concepts/ knowledge/ skills taught.

When I look at all the above, it explains why everyone at school, including our wonderful office ladies, are feeling very much "under the pump". We are all very busy, with lots to finalise and not a lot of time left to do it!! 

Thanks for reading


Summer Holiday Borrowing Next Week

Summer holidays are almost here. Please encourage your students to return their library loans, all due Friday 18th so they can borrow a fresh supply of books next Thursday 25th or Friday 26th to have at home over the long break ahead. Students will need their library bags and a safe place at home to keep their loans together.  I hope you as parents and caregivers have some time to relax with a book too in the coming weeks. 

Using Online Resources over the Holidays

Access the library database at!dashboard 

Students sign in under the Guest dropdown by clicking the blue single sign on (SSO) button 

Select Online Resources under Dashboards  

The log in details for Clickview (educational video, G and PG movies and TV), Storybox Library (Australian children’s literature read aloud), Wheelers e-Platform (e-books) and Britannica Online are provided in this section.  

PLEASE NOTE: Once students are signed in, they can select borrowing details under their name to see their loans and loans history. 

Do you own these books?

These books have been left in the returns trolley over the last 2 weeks. Please claim them from the library if they belong to your family. 



Thanks Year 6 Helpers! 

The library benefits immensely from the assistance provided by the rostered Year 6 helpers each week. Thank you, Year 6, for your help across the year. 

Thanks Volunteer Coverers! 

The library is indebted to Merryl Nunn, Andrea Nunn and Tarsha Scotts for their tireless covering work all year. Your contribution to our service is outstanding and very much appreciated. 

Thanks Parents and Family Members

A key function of our library is to enable and encourage free choice reading. Thank you for supporting our work by continuing the effort at home so children are reading something they enjoy each day. 

Happy Reading this Summer! 

Anne Anderson  

Teacher Librarian 








Congratulations to our Weekly Award Winners from Week 6 and Week 7.


Pizza Treat Day:

Our final Pizza Treat Day for the year is being held on Thursday 24 November.  Ordering is via Flexischools.  Please note the Year 6 children will be on their Year 6 Fun Day this day, so they will not be taking part in Pizza Treat Day.  

The last day for ordering is Wednesday 23 November at 11am.

Christmas Concert:


Please RSVP no later than next Tuesday 22nd November for catering purposes via the link below:

We are asking the children to please wear christmas clothes on the night.

Year 2 can bring a Mexican hat only if you have one at home and Year 5 are to wear cap of any sort.  Please note that it will be EFTPOS only on the night if you wish to purchase a drink.  Free Sausage Sizzle provided.  

School Fees/Finance News:

Please finalise all outstanding School Fees for the 2002 school year before the end of term.  All Direct Debit forms for the 2023 school year need to be returned by next Friday 25th November for processing.  Thank you.

Updated details:

If you have updated your residential address, phone numbers or email addresses, please let us know.  Communication between school and home is very important so we do need to know if you have changed your details and keep accurate records.

Parent Portal:

Please remember to check the Portal for updates, messages and notifications.  Semester 2 Report Cards are uploaded via the Portal. 

New families to St Saviour's will receive their access key (sent via email) early in the new year for access to the Parent Portal.  (Sentral for Parents)

Farewell Jo Cosgrove:

On Tuesday our staff shared a special morning tea for one of our much loved teachers at St Saviour's Primary, Miss Jo Cosgrove.  Jo has taught at St Saviour's for over 30 years and now has decided to retire from teaching.  We wish Jo all the best for her future.  Pictured with Jo is Mrs Janelle Wann.  Janelle and Jo both were teaching partners in Mrs Wann's first year of teaching.  We will miss you Jo.  Thank you for your dedication, commitment and compasssion throughout all your years at St Saviour's Primary.




Please consider helping out in the Tuckshop if you can spare a few hours.  We still have a number of spots that need to be filled on the Tuckshop Roster.  If you can help out in anyway, please contact Tash in the Tuckshop or via the office.  We only have a few weeks left of term, so please consider helping out.

Outstanding Invoices:

Please note all outstanding Invoices from the Tuckshop do need to be finalised by the end of Week 7.  Please send your payment in via the office or directly to the Tuckshop.

Day for Daniel:

Thank you to everyone who supported Day for Daniel.  Special treat days are always a highlight for the children.  

Good Afternoon Parents and Carers, 

What a privilege it was to go and spend 3 days with the Year 6 students at Camp at Currimundi this week! As I lay my weary body on the couch yesterday, I thought about how camps like these remind me of why I love belonging to such an amazing community like SSPS.

  1. The resilience of our kids

There was very little downtime the entire camp. Most days the kids would have walked over 20 000 steps, let alone the energy expended during the activities themselves. They were absolutely shattered, yet we barely heard a child complain! When they were tired, we saw them leaning on each other, supporting their peers to get through it. Walking home from activities with wet board shorts was a new experience for some of our youngsters, who quickly learnt of the ‘Currimundi Shuffle’ – a style of walking with your legs as far apart as they can go to avoid the dreaded leg chafe. Again, very few complained, as chafe cream was shared around for those who forgot it!

  1. The dedication of our staff

What a bunch of incredible educators!

Henry Logan’s (AKA ranger Logan) first time and you’d have thought he was a seasoned camper – always up for a chat with the kids, more compeititve than most of the students, the king of the plate scraping and ready to help out where there was a need.

Bee King – definitely not her first camp! Back to back body boarding for 3 days with 3 groups. Picking up the kids towels so they don’t get wet in the storm at 2.45am. Leading a flash mob during our free time. There really is no end to her talents!

Annie Ward (AKA medication queen) ran a beautiful night liturgy on the beach for the students, where we all shared what we were grateful for. She kept spirits high each day and was always looking out for each and every student. She got amongst it in every way.

Maddy Robinson was new to our team, daughter of the famous Mrs Robinson in the office! What a breath of fresh air she was. So great at kayaking she went three times. We appreciated her energy and enthusiasm and giving up her time to help us out!

Tash Klemm came along to camp too and was such an awesome help! She was responsible for choosing the best behaved table to eat first – so she was very well liked by our students. We appreciated her giving up her own work commitments to come and enjoy some sunshine and torrential rain!

  1. The joy within a united team

I think what stood out the most amongst the whole experience was the joy we all shared. Whether you were a teacher, parent or student, we all shared in this joy together and experienced it as a team. There were so many special times shared and memories made that will last a lifetime. Thank goodness we were able to experience camp again this year!

Enjoy the photos!

Warm Regards

Nicki Prentice

Middle Leader

2022 Aquathon 

On Friday the 28th of October, Thomas Prust, Mia Casagrande and Taylor Wann competed at the Aquathon held in Dalby. The Aquathon consisted of a 1km run, 200m swim and then another 1km run. All three students did extremely well with Taylor Wann coming third in his race and second for his age group. Taylor has been selected for the Darling Downs team and will compete in Hervey Bay in February (photo attached). 


Zone and Darling Downs Trials 

All Zone and Darling Downs trials will be placed on Parent Portal. Please check Parent Portal regularly or set up notifications on your phone if you wish for your child to be eligible to trial for Zone and Darling Downs sporting teams as you will be required to obtain paperwork from myself. I am unable to nominate students after the closing date so please make sure you do keep an eye on Parent Portal. Any questions, please contact me at 


Brendan Luck 

HPE Teacher 

Dear Parents and Carers,

A new week, a different office and some new areas of responsibility! A sincere welcome to Annie Ward who has taken on the role of APRE (once she recovers from Year 6 Camp). I look forward to assisting her with her transition into the APRE position.

Day for Daniel:    

Message from one of the organisers of the Day for Daniel event (Walk) which our Year 6 students attended at Queens Park.

" Thank you, Henry, Ann-Maree and the year 6 students for their participation in this year’s Day for Daniel event. The kids were fantastic! They were very well behaved, respectful and provided great energy to the day. They represented themselves and the school extremely well, the whole school can be proud."

Thanks again for your generous support with $400 raised.


World Teachers' Day

Last Friday our PEN Community Coordinators (Renee and Katie) provided a scrumptious lunch for our wonderful teachers to acknowledge World Teachers' Day. Many parents very thoughtfully sent in gifts for the classroom teachers, which I know was very much appreciated. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this special celebration.

Congratulations Madonna!!

Last night Madonna was awarded an Excellence in Leadership Award at the Toowoomba Catholic Schools 
Awards are presented to different categories to recognise those members of the TCS and TCKC community who lead, create and/or provide the support needed to create exemplary places of learning where every student experiences academic success in a distinctively Catholic environment.

Thanks for reading


Life in the Library during Term 4 is fast and furious with a focus on as much free choice reading as possible. Please support this important reading practice at home.

Year 4 and 5 students have been giving impromptu book talks to share what they have been reading with their classmates. They are always enthusiastic about their book!

Prep and Year 1 classes are working on finding the ways that book creators make us like their fictional bird characters!

Student Borrowing - Browse and Borrow Sessions and Summer Reading

Week 6 is the last class browse and borrow time with all student loans due by the end of Week 7. Returning students with no outstanding loans are invited to borrow books for the Summer break on Thursday and Friday of Week 8. 

To date, staff and students from Prep to Year 6 have borrowed 5 227 Non-Fiction books and 11 076 Fiction books this year! This does not include home readers in Prep to Year 3 classes and the restrictions due to the building delay in Term 1 so our students are certainly huge library users. Well done everyone but remember to make time to read the books while they are in your home.

Happy Reading this week

Anne Anderson

Teacher Librarian

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to the second half of Term 4.  Amazing how quickly the year is progressing, with a lot to still look forward to.

A good time of year to bring into focus our ‘why’ and what makes our school unique or different from the countless others in Toowoomba.

During the many enrolment interviews over the last year, I enjoyed talking to parents and future students about this exact thing.  My ‘pitch’ usually begins with the quote that our goal for St Saviour’s Primary students is to ‘Strive in Learning and Strive in Life’. That is, we work in partnership with students to achieve to their potential academically, but we also want to see them grow to be good young people.

Whilst the academic results are important , it is the 'plus' that St Saviour's Primary is also able to offer.  The below image captures this vision.


Catholic Fatih Community: St Saviour’s Primary School, in strong partnership with Fr Michael O'Brien and the parish community of St Patrick’s Cathedral, is recognised for proudly offering a quality, inclusive Catholic Education. As the school has grown and changed, we have continued to build on the traditions established by the Sisters of Mercy.  Their spirit of commitment, service, compassion and quality flows through the  school community

Student Wellbeing: The importance of student wellbeing cannot be underestimated.  Setting the foundation that children need of positive relationships with other children and their teacher and a genuine happiness to come to school that creates the ultimate learning environment.  Whilst not replacing the positive interactions that are taking place every day between teacher and student, St Saviour’s Primary offers the Positive Education Curriculum: a research-based curriculum designed to explicitly teach students the key concepts of wellbeing so they can live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Culture of Learning:  At St Saviour's Primary we aim to develop expert learners:  those who know how to learn and have developed the qualities to become a lifelong learner.  They understand the process of learning, who seek and act on feedback and know what they are learning, where they are at and what their next steps are.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) has been a focus for the last five years and is taught through the Design Thinking Process.  A process that helps develop key skills including problem solving, creativity, critical analysis, teamwork and independent thinking.  The skills that your children will need to succeed in an ever-changing world.


The staffing process for 2023 is well underway.  Whilst the class allocation of teachers has not yet been finalised and will likely be published in the Week 7 newsletter, I would like to  announce some staffing changes below:

We will farewell two staff at the end of this year.  Miss Caitlin Seng is moving to Brisbane and is taking a teaching position in a kindergarten.  Caitlin has been an early years teacher at St Saviour's for the last three years and has gifted our children with a love of learning and fun in her classroom.  

After ten years, Mrs Natasha Biggar has decided to resign from her position as tuckshop convenor.  We will miss her amazing cooking skills, efficient ways and the high standard she has set in ensuring our staff and students always have the best for morning tea and lunch.  Our new tuckshop convenor will be announced in the next few weeks.

Three teachers will be taking leave for the next 12 months.  Maryanne Lee has accepted a teaching position at St Eugene's Primary School, Burpengary.  We wish Maryanne all the best as she moves closer to her children in Brisbane.  Mrs Melinda Harkins has also decided to take leave in 2023, although she will job share with Mrs Judy Smith for Term 1 and part of Term 2.  We then look forward to seeing Melinda around St Saviour's Primary in a relief teaching role. Mrs Natalie Lancuba will continue on leave in 2023 and is enjoying being a mum to baby Hugh. 

We will welcome back Mrs Fiona Case who is returning from leave.  Fiona will job share with Mrs Siobhan Grundon.   Fiona will return to work for three days and Siobhan will continue two days a week.

There will be four new teachers joining us in 2023.  We welcome Mrs Lisa Cavanagh, Miss Sarah Logan, Miss Eliza Smith and Miss Linda Ogg.

Mrs Lisa Cavanagh is an experienced classroom teacher who is currently in the role of Education Officer: Mission and Identity with Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office.  Lisa is known to our staff through this role.  Lisa has a high interest and experience in sharing her love for drama and musical performances with the students.

Miss Sarah Logan is an early year's teacher who has been teaching at St Agatha's Primary School, Clayfield.  Sara has a background in psychology and was drawn to teaching young children three years ago after completing a research project as a psychologist.

Miss Eliza Smith is moving from the Ballarat Diocese in Victoria and has been in the role of Year 6 teacher and Mathematics Curriculum Leader at St Patrick's Catholic Primary School, Gordon.  She is a committed teacher who strives to cater for all students' diverse learning and well-being needs.  Eliza is looking forward to moving to Toowoomba.

Miss Linda Ogg will join the St Saviour's Community after teaching experience in North Queensland in the Townsville Diocese and has taught at St Joseph's Catholic School, Mt Isa and St Patrick's Catholic School, Winton.  Linda's energetic nature and passion for providing the very best educational opportunities for all students have been evident each time I have met with her.  

As previously notified, we also welcome Mrs Ann-Maree Ward into the position of acting APRE this term and officially as the St Saviour's Primary APRE from the start of 2023.

The teachers for each year level will be published in the Week 7 newsletter in the lead up to the whole school Transition Morning on Wednesday 30th November.

Sam Hannant

Acting Principal

Year 5 Mini Vinnies Christmas Appeal

Every year St Vincent De Paul help hundreds of families throughout the Christmas period.  This appeal provides food hampers and financial support for families doing it tough at Christmas.

To help with the Christmas Appeal, Year 5 will be running a SSPS Christmas Appeal from Week 4 until Week 8.

They are asking for donations of Christmas food, pantry supplies and non-perishable food items that will be used to make much needed food hampers.

Donation boxes have been distributed to each year level and you can drop off your grocery items each morning.  Posters are up around the school to remind you of the items we will be collecting.

It would be wonderful if we could bring a little Christmas cheer to families who need it.  Please donate to our Mini Vinnies Christmas Appeal.


Headspace in Schools Visit

Headspace will be visiting our Grade 6 classes on November 15th 2022 to deliver a workshop aimed at helping students understand how the transition to high school may impact their mental health. It will explore how they can manage stress from change, build resilience and healthy coping skills, as well as strengthen their sense of connection and belonging. 

A parent and carer session will also be offered on November 15th at 5:00pm at St Saviour’s Primary School. The parent workshop will upskill on how to connect and communicate with your young person, increase knowledge about how to support them during this transition period, and where to access professional support.  

If you’d like to attend the Parent and Carer workshop, please indicate your interest via the following form:  

Be You Family Survey

Mental health and wellbeing is an important part of our school culture. To enhance our understanding of mental health and wellbeing in our community, we are seeking feedback from families. To ensure we are meeting the needs of our school community, we invite you to complete the following survey:  

The survey takes approximately 15 minutes and includes 27 statements. The anonymous information gathered will help highlight strengths to build on and areas for improvement within our learning community in 2023. Teachers and students will also be invited to share their voice to support the betterment of our wellbeing approaches.  

Miss Anne 

Student Counsellor

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