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In any school it is important to have a collaborative approach to the education of our students.  At St Saviour’s Primary School  parents are welcome at the school anytime throughout the school year.  It is expected that parents sign the visitors’ book at the front office when arriving and leaving the school premises only if you are volunteering in the classroom or for tuckshop.  This ensures we meet with the workplace, health and safety requirements for fire evacuation procedures.

All teachers are asked to notify parents as to when volunteer help is required in the classroom.  Sometimes these days and times don’t suit parents due to other commitments.  Please see your child’s classroom teacher if you are able to help at other times.  Some alternative arrangement could be made with the classroom teacher.

Your help is always appreciated!


Pastoral Care Group

The Pastoral Care Group aims to ensure that St Saviour’s Primary School is a community where positive relationships are valued, and where all endeavour  to ensure that everyone is included and supported.     

The Pastoral Care Group consists of parents who work with the school’s administration team and class teachers to:

  • Promote the values of the school, so that we reach out to those in need as people of action. 
  • Coordinate a caring school/class response in times of family need and
  • Support the initiatives of the P & F Association.

whilst at all times maintaining discretion and confidentiality.



This is a great way to help the school but also to meet people. Please click here for more details.


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