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applesThe tuckshop operates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for both the lunch breaks.

Tuckshop menus are available at the office or by clicking here.  Tuckshop ordering is only available online.

Tuckshop days are a service to the school community therefore it is important to note that it is optional for families to participate in them.


Registration is easy and free! Using any PC, go to www.flexi-schools.com.au

1. Click Register Now! And enter your email

2. You are emailed a link to the online form.

3. Choose your own username and password and enter your contact details.

4. For each child, click “Add a student” and follow the prompts to place an order.

You will be required to top-up your pre-paid account. VISA or Mastercard preferred. Transaction fees are 29cents per top-up. Debit transfer is possible but will take around 2 days for the money to show up on your account, credit cards go through instantly.


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