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The tuckshop at St Saviour’s Primary School is operated by a convenor and volunteers, and is available to families each Monday, Wednesday and Friday for both morning tea and lunch. The menu is available from Prep through to Year 6 and is wholesome and filling. The majority of the items are prepared and baked in tuckshop on a daily basis, including muffins, seasonal fruit salads, sandwiches, wraps, burgers and salads.

St Saviour’s Primary School uses Flexischools (see information below) for tuckshop ordering. Students are able to purchase a limited number of items over the counter during the second lunchtime, however these are limited to snacks such as iceblocks and chips.

The tuckshop cannot run without the help and support of our school community. Volunteering in the tuckshop is a great way to meet new people or perhaps you have someone you might like to work with. We have a lot of laughs – it’s not all work and no play! So please, please consider donating a day for the tuckshop this year. Even one day per term or a few hours where you can, makes such a difference. If every school family donated just one day per year our Tuckshop roster would be covered. Dads – don’t be shy, we would love to see you too!

If you can help please complete the Tuckshop Volunteer form available on the Schoolzine app or email Natasha in the tuckshop: ssptuckshop@twb.catholic.edu.au with your name, phone number and what day or days suit you. Alternatively, volunteer forms are available from the office to fill in your details. 

Also you can contact Tash directly on 0408 986 317.


Registration is easy and free! Using any PC, go to www.flexi-schools.com.au

1. Click Register Now! And enter your email

2. You are emailed a link to the online form.

3. Choose your own username and password and enter your contact details.

4. For each child, click “Add a student” and follow the prompts to place an order.

You will be required to top-up your pre-paid account. VISA or Mastercard preferred. Transaction fees are 29cents per top-up. Debit transfer is possible but will take around 2 days for the money to show up on your account, credit cards go through instantly.


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