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Physical Education

Prep to Year 6 - Each term the children participate in varying sporting activities whether it is for sports carnivals, team events, athletics and/or swimming.   Please click here for more information.....


Prep to Year 6 - Our students have the opportunity to attend Japanese lessons with the expert knowledge of Mrs Jayne Greenhalgh (Prep to Year 6 - 30 minutes per week). 


Prep to 6 – Mrs Emma Daniells and Mrs Anne-Maree Spalding are the school music teachers.  All students are given 30 minute lessons each week.  The children are often asked to perform at various community singing events or participate in musicals.



Years 3 to 6 – Mrs Anne-Maree Spalding and Mrs Anita McVeigh are our choir teachers.  Choir members meet once a week and on more frequent occasions when rehearsing for community performances.



Mrs Anita McVeigh is our drama teacher for Years 4 to 6.  Lessons are 45minutes per week.


Prep to Year 6 - The library offers opportunities to engage with information and stories. The Teacher Librarian works with classroom teachers to enable students to become effective and discerning users of information in all formats. All classes have a weekly borrowing session when students choose material for their reading pleasure. Students are welcome to use the library during lunch time each Tuesday and Thursday. more>

Literacy Planet

Literacy Planet is a comprehensive and engaging literacy program for schools.  The children access it via their iPads and laptops and it is often set for homework.  Literacy Planet covers several areas including pre-reading, sight words, reading, spelling, comprehension, grammar and punctuation and writing.


Mathletics is an interactive e-Learning resource, being used by over 2,000 schools. Originating in Australia, Mathletics is now being used in over ten countries.

The primary goal of Mathletics is to improve Maths results. At St Saviour’s Primary, students from Prep to Year 6have access to Mathletics both at home and at school.

Mathletics provides many benefits for teachers and schools. Of greatest value is the continual formative assessment which can be used diagnostically to guide both class and individual instruction.

Reading Eggs

A program offered to our Prep to Year 3 students focusing on letters and word activities.

Extra Curricular Activities

The school provides opportunities for the students to participate in several extra-curricular activities such as AFL, NRL, Cricket, Basket Ball, Swimming, Lifeskills, Mini Vinnies and others.  These activities will vary each year.


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