Transport & Carpark



Students who travel home by bus must move to their designated bus area as soon as they are dismissed from class.  Students travelling on buses from the opposite side of Perth Street remain seated next to the bus shelter until a teacher on duty releases them to cross the road.  Once they have crossed, they are required to sit in or beside the bus shelter on the other side of the road.  Students travelling by the bus in Louisa Street must walk to their destination as soon as the school bell rings.  There is no teacher on duty for this bus run.  There is only a teacher on duty at the Perth Street bus shelter until 3:30pm. Parents/carers of students who catch a bus after 3:30pm are required to acknowledge in writing (to the school) that they are aware that their child is not supervised after 3:30pm.
 Please phone the bus company if you have any concerns with your child’s bus route.


Ripsticks, skateboards, scooters and bikes

All students are required to demount their form of transport once they reach the school grounds.  They must carry their scooter/ ripstick or push their bike through the school grounds.

Ripsticks and scooters must be parked outside the Mercy Centre before school but then taken to their own classroom during the day. Bikes must be parked at the bike racks.

These items must not be used throughout the school day or given to other students to use.



Parking is very limited around the school grounds.  Please ensure the Bus Zones and driveways are kept clear.  Students who have to cross a road to get to their family car must use the school crossing or have a parent accompany them. Please be mindful of the limited parking and move quickly to leave so others can have a park as well. There is also parking available in our Prep area for our Prep parents only.


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