Religious Education


Religious Education is a fundamental Key Learning Area for our school as we are a Catholic school community. We are fortunate to have Fr Peter Dorfield and Fr Hal Rangeras parish priests at St Patrick’s Cathedral across the road from the school.  This ensures our students are provided with the real life experience of what we are about as a Catholic School.  Therefore, St Saviour’s Primary School not only offers your child the educational view about Religious Education but we also offer our students the opportunity to attend Mass throughout the term and to actively experience being Catholic.

We have whole school Masses once a term and class groups also prepare term masses (Yr 4-6) or a Prayer Gathering (P-3) to which parents are encouraged to attend.

The school actively encourages families to participate in the life of St Patrick’s Cathedral Parish. Parents and parishioners are always invited and encouraged to celebrate together at Liturgies and Masses. The school Mass Choir leads the congregation at St Patrick’s Cathedral once a month.

We acknowledge that a number of our students are from various other religions and in our teachings we share the stories from others and learn to respect their beliefs within our Catholic School. St Saviour’s Primary values the cultural diversity within the community. It is important to understand that when attending our school all students are expected to be active participants in our daily rituals such as prayer before meals, attending mass and other liturgical events.

Mrs Judy Smith is the school’s APRE – Assistant Principal Religious Education.


Preparation for the first reception of the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation is available through a parish/family based program with the school acting, through its curriculum, in a supporting capacity. Catholic students in Year 4 are invited to participate in the Sacramental Program, with initial letters of invitation going out to students in Term 4 of Year 3. Inquiries concerning Sacramental preparation should be referred to the Parish Office, the Sacramental Team Coordinator or the school APRE.


Catherine McAuley saying

Mercy Charism

As a school within the Mercy tradition, St Saviour’s Primary School holds true to the values of Catherine McAuley. Catherine’s deep faith in God who is Mercy, and her experience of the pain of poverty, shaped her prayer and, in turn, her prayer shaped her ministry. Mercy spirituality is based on this life long journey of discovery of the Mercy of God, which is so often found in the lives and struggles of the suffering and the poor. The Mercy values of Hospitality, Justice, Compassion, Dignity, Excellence, Stewardship and Service are seen as cornerstones to what we aim to teach, learn and live at St Saviour’s Primary School.These fruits of the Mercy Charism are evident through the day to day relationships between students, staff and families and find particular expression through various routines, events and celebrations.


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