Policies & Procedures

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The following policies are availabe on the Catholic Education website. www.twb.catholic.edu.au

3.01 Opening Closing Relocation and Modification of Schools and Other Educational Buildings
3.02 Regulations and Guidelines for Opening Closing Relocation and Modification of Schools and Other Educational Buildings
3.03 Drugs
3.04 Aboriginal Education and Torres Strait Islander Education
3.05 School Renewal
3.06 Enrolment in Catholic Schools
3.07 School Board
3.08 Information and Communication Technology in Catholic Schools
3.09 The Pastor and the Parish School
3.10 The Teacher in the Catholic School
3.11 Early Years
3.12 Critical Incidents
3.13 Health and Wellbeing
3.14 Education of the Marginalised in Catholic Schools
*3.15 Senior Years of School
5.1 Special Religious Development
6.1 Religious Education in Catholic Schools
6.2 Faith Education in Catholic Schools
6.3 Personal Development Education
*6.4 Personal Development Education – A Position Paper
*6.5 Guidelines for Implementing Personal Development Education
6.6 Pastoral Care
*6.7 Curriculum
8.1 Gender Equity
*8.5 Child and Youth Protection (rescinded 2012)
*8.5 Abrogation of Child and Youth Protection Policy 2012
*8.2 Student Protection Policy (current at May 2012)
8.3 Sexual and Sex Based Harassment
8.4 Equal Employment Opportunity for Women in the Workplace
* Abrogation of Occupational Health and Safety Policy 2013
*Health, Safety and Environment Policy (current at October 2013)
*8.5 Occupational Health and Safety (rescinded October 2013)
8.6 Procedures for Conciliation, Mediation and Adjudication of Disputes
8.7 Performance Review
8.8 Workplace Bullying and Harassment
*8.9 Conflict of Interest


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