The school’s policy is that homework be given. It is suggested that homework has both a numeracy and literacy component. Homework may be modified according to the needs of the children.

  Yr 1 & 2 10 – 20 mins per school night
  Yrs 3 & 4 15 – 30 mins per school night
  Yrs 5 to 7 20 – 40 mins per school night

Normally teachers will outline their homework procedures at their Parent/Teacher information meeting held in February of each year. At other times parents should consult their child’s teacher in order to familiarise themselves with the procedure in each class. Parents are expected to support teachers in their supervision of homework.

Homework is expected to be completed appropriately and at a high standard.  Students who do not complete homework will be given an appropriate consequence eg. Complete homework during lunch break. 

Parents are expected to write a note or contact the classroom teacher explaining why homework wasn’t completed.

All children at St Saviour’s Primary are given their homework on a Friday and then have until the following Thursday to return it to school.  In 2017, there is a homework club on Friday afternoons from 3-4pm so children can be supported to complete their homework.  There is also a homework support group on Monday and Friday during lunch time for those children who struggle to get their homework complete at home.



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