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Student banking occurs each Tuesday.  Bank books are sent to the office in the message basket and are returned via the same means that afternoon.


The student booklist for the following year is issued early in Term 4.  In the case of new students enrolling, booklists, handbook and other relevant forms will be issued after an interview.  Books may be ordered through Brown’s Office Choice.


At all times the whole school (including every classroom) is to be kept neat and tidy. It is the responsibility of the staff and students to ensure papers etc are picked up around the school.  At the end of each day students’ belongings are to be picked up and taken home. Classrooms are cleaned once a week.  Teachers are asked to put their chairs up according to the cleaning roster.

It is the classroom teacher and relevant student’s responsibility to ensure that port racks, classrooms and other external areas are kept clean and tidy.

The toilets and high traffic areas are cleaned every day. 


The continuous ringing of the school bell indicates the need to evacuate.

An Evacuation Drill takes place at least once per term.  The evacuation plan is located in all rooms.  Staff have familiarised themselves with its location and the path to be followed.

All classes will assemble on the oval near Lawrence Street and Ruthven Street.

Each teacher is responsible for making certain all students are located in the designated areas by -

  1.        Walking the students in an orderly manner to the designated area.
  2.        Taking the class roll to the designated area and having a roll call.
  3.        Informing Principal/APRE/APA/Secretary of any students not present.
  4.        Keep students assembled until further notice from the Principal, APRE/APA or Secretary.

The Secretary will take a copy of class rolls and the Visitor Register to the Assembly area.  If you are not in your classroom at the time of Evacuation obtain a copy of your class roll from the Secretary.

The Principal/APRE/APA/Secretary will be responsible for checking the assembled classes to ensure all students are located.

The Principal/APRE/APA/Secretary records the evacuation details in the EVACUATION REGISTER.

Parents need to be aware of this process if they are helping in the classrooms.


The School hat is navy blue with the school logo imprinted on the front. Children are to wear a hat at all times when outside the classroom.

Children without hats must remain in the shaded lunch area.


Sunscreen is available in bulk for each class.  It is the teacher’s responsibility to promote the wearing of this with outside activities.  This does not mean physically applying it to each child, but rather making it available and emphasising that it should be applied. Our School is officially recognised as a SunSmart School through the Queensland Cancer Council.

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Students are only permitted to have a mobile phone at school if a parent/guardian has written a note giving the child permission to have it.  The phone must be handed in to the school office during the school day. 

There is a school phone for students to contact their parents during the day if necessary.  However I understand if students use a phone for after and before school. As long as students follow the requirements above then there is no concern.

Students will receive an appropriate consequence if phones are found in the classroom areas.
This also applies for other electrical devices including but not exclusive to IPODs, IPADs, DMSs, MP3 players.


The school has installed a security system that operates in the whole school. The system is monitored by Ambush Security Services. Any incidents are signalled to them and a local security company responds. 



A boy and girl are selected as Captains and Vice-Captains of the school.  Two students are also selected as house captains of each of the House Colours at the beginning of the year.  These House Colours are: Xavier (blue), Gorretti (red), McCauley (green) and Coolock (yellow).

Student leadership also involves all Year Six students taking leadership responsibility as a member of a leadership group. These groups are organised in negotiation with the students, class teacher and principal.

Some leadership initiatives include:

  • assemblies led by Year 6
  • school leadership camp
  • leadership day
  • year 6 campaign for being elected as a captain
  • year 6 Mass
  • lunch duties and other commitments


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