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Appointments with Teachers

Parents are encouraged to maintain contact with class teachers for the purpose of discussing their children’s progress. Teachers should be given sufficient time to prepare for interviews in order to make them as productive as possible and so that supervision arrangements can be made for the remainder of their class where this is required. Consideration should be given to minimising disruption to core teaching time by seeking appointments outside class times. Appointments with the teaching staff may be obtained either directly with the teacher or by contacting the school office.


School Records

Please ensure you keep the school up to date of any change of details.  The information below is most important:

  • Change of address (residential, postal or email)
  • Change of telephone contact numbers
  • Change of emergency contacts
  • Change of family doctor or dentist
  • Serious health conditions
  • Change of family situation (eg separation)
  • Reports from Specialists (eg paediatrician)


Information Evenings

A Parent Information meeting is held during the first few weeks of 1st term to inform parents of expectations, homework, work to be covered, ways they can support / assist during the week and other relevant information.


Weekly Class Notes

The classroom teachers are responsible for sending home weekly class notes.  The purpose of these notes is to inform parents about what is happening in the classroom for that week. Class notes are sent home via Skoolbag. Several teachers will also communicate with parents via Class Dojo.



Sent home every Thursday via email.  It is also placed on the school website and sent home via Skoolbag. 


Official Correspondence

All correspondence to the parent or wider community body concerning the school must go through the Principal.  Copies will be kept on file for future reference.


Staff Meetings

School Officers have a meeting once a week on Wednesday from 11.15am in the Staff Room.





Verbal conference

  • to review documented progress
  • to review self assessment

when needed and appropriate


Parent information

  • to allow both teacher and parents to become acquainted
  • for teachers to give an overview of the curriculum program for the year

the beginning of the school year in the first couple of weeks


Parent information

~  to refer to evidence of skills acquired,
    work quality, strengths and difficulties
~  to discuss academic, and non-
    academic development
~  to set goals for the following term

~  end of Terms 1 & 3
~  when necessary/on request



Written report

~  to refer to all documented
~  to identify areas of strength, progress
    and difficulty
~  to report demonstration of
    child’s progress

end of each semester and to be copied and added to student's folio in school master file



Message Boxes

Each class has their own designated message boxes.  Messages given to the office or from the office are distributed via the box system.  The classroom teacher plays a key role in this process as they ensure messages are given to students.


P & F Executive

Click here to find out the names of the P&F Executive.


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